• Ludong University

    Ludong University, consistently following China's national progress towards independence, freedom, democracy and prosperity, has been playing a significant role in revolution, construction and reform over the previous 8 decades. Many well-known outstanding scholars had ever worked here, such as Wu Boxiao, Zang Kejia, He Qifang, Luo Zhufeng, and so on. Ludong University has forged ahead with assiduous efforts and developed the school spirit of “Pursuing Truth and Perfectness, Esteeming Integrity and practicality”, which integrates into an enormous inner spiritual source, empowering the university to develop and strive.

    Ludong University is located in Yantai, a scenic coastal city. The campus covers an area of 2,647 mu (176 hectares), among which 994,000 square meters is contributed to teaching buildings. The total value of fixed assets is RMB 2.345 billion, including teaching and research equipment worth of RMB 285 million. Beside the campus, there erect precipitous and picturesque mountains; near the university, there lies majestic and spectacular sea. Standing at the peak of mountains, you can witness the grandeur of sunrise and the tranquility of pine trees. Having a bird view of the campus, you may be dazzled by flourishing trees and colorful flowers, and be impressed by its rational layout and peculiar pattern of those buildings, for which it won the award of “Garden-like campus in Shandong Province”.
    Ludong University, discipline-oriented, optimizes disciplinary structure, emphasizes key disciplines, highlights disciplinary features and has developed a comparatively sound system of education, which attaches importance to both liberal arts and science, stresses further education for teachers, cross-fertilizes science and engineering and enjoys a strong momentum of engineering development. At present, Ludong University has 9 key provincial disciplines approved by the 12th Five-Year Plan, 2 key provincial laboratories, 3 provincial or Ministerial-level research bases of arts and social science, 1 provincial Engineering Technology Research Center, 1 collaborative creation center of higher education, 4 key provincial laboratories approved by the 12th Five-Year Plan and 2 provincial research bases of arts and social science approved by the 12th Five-Year Plan.
    Great importance has been placed on scientific research at Ludong University. From the year of 2011 to August, 2015, there are 151 national-level research projects, 387 provincial-level projects and 231 bureau-level projects in Shandong Province, with all the research fund of RMB125 million Yuan. Among those funds, RMB73.16 million is for Longitudinal project funds and RMB52.23 million for lateral research funds. As a result, 1032 research papers, including SCI, EI, SSCI ,CSSCI, and 139 books are published.
    Post-Doctoral Research Station
    In 2014, the Post-Doctoral Research Station in the discipline of pedagogy was set up with approval from China's Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, National Post-Doctor Regulatory Commission. This is the first Post-Doctoral Research Station in Yantai city among provincial universities and colleges, which symbolizes the significant improvement of discipline construction and schooling capability. With this good opportunity, Ludong University will further strengthen discipline construction and develop high-level scientific research team so as to train excellent talents and enlarge academic exchanges.
    Well-Known Distinctive Universities to Develop Application-Oriented Talents in Shandong Province
    In 2012, Ludong University was successfully selected as one of the first group of the project to build Well-Known Distinctive Universities to Develop Application-Oriented Talents in Shandong Province. The project, a major decision made by the Party Committee and Government of Shandong Province, is designed to improve overall higher education quality. Ludong University, as one of the 10 universities for this project, will build a modern higher education system as its core, boost reform of talents-training mode and inner management system, enhance professional structure adjustment, strengthen construction of distinctive specialties so as to promote capability of training excellent talents and meeting social and economic developmental demands.
    International Exchange and Cooperation
    In line with the trend of educational globalization, Ludong University has opened up through increasing international exchanges and diverse cooperation with foreign partners. As one of the earliest 200 universities authorized by the State Education Commission to admit international students, it has established cooperative partnership, extensive and substantial, with 90-plus universities or research institutes in Korea, Japan, USA, Russia, Australia, Canada, France, etc., and carried out joint educational programs, visiting scholar programs among faculty members and academic research programs. So far, Ludong University has 1 Sino-Foreign Joint-Education Institute called Ulsan Ship and Ocean College which was co-established with University of Ulsan of South Korea, Loire Confucius Institute with University of Angers and UCO in France, Yantai King Sejong Institute with Nambu University of South Korea, 3 joint education programs with universities of South Korea and USA, and many undergraduate programs of “2+2”, “3+1”, “7+1”, “3+2” in collaboration with many universities abroad. In the past years, over 10,000 international students have studied different specialties at Ludong University.

    Authorized to receive international students awarded Chinese Government Scholarship
    Authorized to receive international students awarded Confucius Institute (Hanban) Scholarship
    Authorized to receive international students awarded Shandong Provincial Government Scholarship
    International Preppies Education Base of Shandong Province
    TCFL Popularization and Research Center of Shandong Province
    Test Center of HSK
    Test Center of BCT