• Yantai Hi-Tech International Cooperation Co., Ltd

    Yantai Hi-Tech International Cooperation Co., Ltd was established in 2014. Since the establishment company enforced construction of carrier platform as the foundation, promoting high level technological cooperation, has broadened cooperative channels, created new cooperative methods, tightly revolved economic and technological mutually complementary to develop critical cooperation between China and Russian-speaking countries, and has made abundant achievements in international technological cooperation.
    Company actively developed connection channels, and established long-term cooperative relationships with Russian Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Ukraine Barton Welding Research Institute, Georgian National Academy of Sciences, Belarusian National Technical University and more than 200 science and technology research institutes. And consecutively built international technological transfer centres with five countries including Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Georgia and Azerbaijan.
    In 2016, Silk Road High-Tech Park Association was successfully launched on initiative of Yantai Hi-Tech International Cooperation Co., Ltd. Up to now, members of the association have reached 54 institutes in 12 countries.
    Company organises international exchange and science and technology innovation activities every year, by which high-tech projects and high-level personnel are attracted and assembled.
    In May 2018, organised he exhibition group from Russia ” One belt and one road” participated in Ⅲ China International Big Data Industry Expo (Guiyang city)
    In 2018, held the "one belt,one road" International Conference of modern agriculture technology with Ludong University(Yantai city) and Russian Don State Technical University
    In July 2018, Association together with Belarusian state university of culture and arts held the First China-Belarusian “Silk Road” International Youth Art Competition.
    In year 2017, with 10 institutes in Yantai, Russia and Georgia declared “Erasmus+” project in European Union (EU), and it is the first successful declaration case in China in the subject of university science and technology commercialisation field. And company successfully promoted multiple universities to establish friendly cooperative relationship with universities in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, has developed concrete cooperative work in various respects of science and technology, fostering teaching resource and students, and collectively declaring projects in EU.
    Company also successfully declared Government-funded projects with experts in Ukraine (diphtheria immune toxin research”), in Georgia(“introduction of Georgian rare persimmon category) and in Ukraine (Ukraine stem cells research); and actively applied technological training classes for developing countries to rigorously impel management staff in science and technology enterprise incubators in Central and Eastern European and dxz countries to come to China for training and study.