• Perm State University

    Perm State University (PSU) was founded in 1916. Today, more than a hundred years later, it has the status of a National Research University and it is one of the leading universities in Russia. There are 12 faculties and 83 departments. Students and academic staff conduct researches in 141 university laboratories. PSU has the biggest number of students in the region comparing to other Perm HEIs (more than 12 000 students).
    According to Bologna declaration which was ratified in Russia in 2003 we develop our curriculum in accordance with the European standards and norms, providing our students with opportunities of academic mobility and issuing European Diploma Supplement and ECTS Transcript of Records. We adapt our curricula to the norms of the Bologna process in education with its focus on competences, learning outcomes, ECTS, staff and academic mobility.
    PSU provides programmes for lifelong learning, learning through research and many practice-oriented courses. In order to achieve them PSU is engaged into the European projects and initiatives. For example, it has successfully finished the Erasmus+ project COMPLETE (Establishment of the Centers for Competence and Employability Development). The main objective is to increase employability of university graduates by developing their personal competences considering the recent recommendations of the Bologna process. The other objectives include elaborating and applying an effective competence model at partner universities considering the economical and socio-cultural peculiarities of each partner country, creating and disseminating of centres of competence and employability development (CCED), providing training on learning modules and tools development. PSU also participates in the project realization on the 7 th Framework Program, a number of Jean Monnet activities.
    In October 2018, PSU organized the Falling Walls Lab Perm 2018, the regional stage of the international forum Falling Walls Lab, that searches for exceptional ideas and connects promising scientists and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Perm State University was honoured to get an opportunity to host its own Falling Walls Lab and to showcase the quality, diversity, and passion of the region's most innovative minds. The winner was invited to attend the Lab Finale in Berlin on 8 November. Now PSU is looking forward to hosting annual Falling Walls Lab in Perm in the nearest future.
    PSU has its own centre supporting innovative ideas and projects “MOZGOVO” that is established as a university structural subdivision. The centre facilitates implementation of innovations developed within the university and their commercialisation. It helps to protect intellectual property, supports and promotes innovative projects and start-ups created by PSU researchers. The centre awards perspective innovators participating in “Startup Collider” competition and other events. Current developments include research and elaboration of biocompatible implants, basaltic compounds, sorbtion modules for gold mining, integral and optical functional structures based on high-contrast waveguides and other innovative development.

    Close cooperation of the University with regional public companies and administrations allows support academic and scientific initiatives and projects. Each year, our students and teachers undertake internships in the best universities, research centres and companies, where they improve their qualifications, exchange experience with colleagues and join the global scientific trends.
    Close cooperation of the University with regional public authorities allows to create conditions to support students and professors, and also for the stable funding of basic and applied research in
    the interests of the region.
    One of the most important University priorities is education aimed at developing XXI century competences, designing new activities adequate to the challenges of time, focusing on the needs of the community and initiating innovations in the field of education, especially implementing new digital forms of education and encouraging PSU students and researches to engage with their colleges in EU and the world.
    Role in the project
    PSU is involved in work packages connected with such stages of project implementation as preparation, development, management, quality planning, dissemination and exploitation. In particular, PSU is responsible for SOC-roadmaps development, QA criteria and procedures development, piloting international SOCnetwork. PSU main role in UNISON project is defined as establishing spin-off companies at target universities. In the region with a population of 2.6 million people PSU emerges with the initiative of creating a model for university-enterprise partnership. UNISON project opens a perspective of a dialogue with the stakeholders at the labour market and building a new approach in the relations between the University and the employers in the region.